MoSugo by MoSuke Paris 9 & 14

MoSugo is back and we are excited! Starred chef Mory Sacko (Top chef star and head chef at MoSuke) has relaunched his street food concept with two new restaurants!

First lets focus on what chef Sacko has created at MoSugo! Quite simply the most perfect the fried chicken burger with the right balance of crunchiness, cheesiness and delicious spicy mayonnaise. These tasty ingredients sit inside fresh bretzel buns (which are supplied by the bakery next to the restaurant!) and are simply a delight.

Now you want to know where to find this – right? Well from September 2022 MoSugo can be found in the heart of Galleries Lafayette Gourmet in Paris 9 on the left bank! Starting October 2022 those on the right bank will be able to visit MoSugo on rue Raymond Losserand in Paris 14 closely located to MoSuke!

You wont be disappointed by these comforting creations!  

MoSugo Lafayette Gourmet 35 boulevard Haussmann, Paris 9

MoSugo 22 rue Raymond Losserand, Paris 14

MoSuke 11 rue Raymond Losserand, Paris 14