Ibrik Kitchen, Balkan Restaurant in Paris

Ibrik Ibrik

I will admit… I was hesitant but intrigued to test Ibrik, the Balkan inspired restaurant that everyone is talking about. A cuisine not well known and one I did not imagine to be gourmet and modern but here I stand corrected!

From the heart of the 2nd arrondissement, Chef Ecaterina Paraschiv took us on an authentic journey to faraway places.

The minute you step inside this simple yet tasteful restaurant you get the sense of warmth from the antique chandeliers and soft candle light. The white washed walls, eclectic mix of traditional masks, communal tables and vintage items marry perfectly to showcase the culture of Central European countries. These feelings further instilled by the smiling staff, warm welcome and delicious smells coming from the semi-open kitchen.

The menu is structured with a combination of both large and small plates to share or not!

To start there are delicious options including boulettes de poisson, feta dishes and poulpe on the BBQ but the perfectly breaded chicken schnitzel with pomegranate and pickled onions is a must.

Moving on, the menu includes a selection of larger traditional dishes with polenta and other Balkan staples but let’s jump to ‘’LE GRAND MAHALA DES BALKANS’’. The name does not disappoint… it is indeed something great! Succulent slow cooked lamb finished on the BBQ, delicately seasoned with herbs and spices and served with crispy new potatoes and a refreshing crunchy salad. It is however not for 2… this generous and delicious dish can be shared by up to 6 or the leftovers can be packaged for you to enjoy at home the next day!

It is hard but recommended to keep space for dessert! The de-structured baklava with crispy filo and sweet soft apples is sublime! A treat for the senses made all the more so with crumbled nuts and a sticky jus.

The restaurant is known for its original Balkan cocktails imagined by known mixologist Stephen Martin but it is worth tasting the Romanian wine on the menu! Be warned though the team will also tempt you with shots of Mastica or Ouzo to finish the night!

To conclude… Ibrik Kitchen is worth all the chatter. It will convince and convert you to the taste of the Balkan’s!

Ibrik Kitchen, 9, rue de Mulhouse, 75002, Paris