The best meals for Chinese New Year in Paris!

Tiger Lunar New Year 2022 Tiger Lunar New Year 2022

Gong Xi Fa Cai – wishing everyone health, prosperity and hopefully great Asian food for this Chinese New Year period! Also called the Lunar New Year it is widely celebrated across Asia and revolves around the lunar calendar. The 2022 celebration falls on February 1st but the festivities extend beyond one day and beyond one geography due to strong Asian communities spread across many corners of the world.

Here in Paris we can’t wait to join in this period of joy, explore the rich culture of the orient and celebrate the year of the tiger!

If you are a lover Asian cuisine then here is our list of meals not to miss. 

  • You can’t but start with Shang Palace at the Shangri-La Paris. The only Chinese restaurant in France to be awarded a Michelin star. If you really want to start the year of the lion in style then this is your first stop!
  • At the foot of the Invalides Lily Wang is a stable favorite of ours at all times of year!
  • Cheval d’Or, the French Asian Table is back! A true celebration of modern Asian cuisine that should not be missed!
  • Once voted the best noodles in Paris,  Trois Fois Plus de Piment offers authentic taste of Sichuan!
  • Bow down to the BAO at Brigade du Tigre!
  • After all that eating out why not enjoy a delicious Peking duck at home from Ducky’s Paris

We hope your appetites and your chopsticks are preparing for the feast ahead!