Donuts by Pilgrim (offer over)

During the pandemic Pilgrim continuously adapted to the COVID situation and our favorite innovation was their gourmet donut selection. The genius behind the donuts was pastry chef Raamin in collaboration with chef Hideki Nishi but unfortunately (for us!) they have stopped their take out service of luxury donuts in favor of returning to normal service of Michelin quality meals.

The donut recipes changed frequently and ranged from:

  • Soleil du sud: Donut with olive oil from Château d’Estoublon and lavender
  • Goma: Black sesame
  • Momzy: Cinnamon donut
  • Brise de champs: Lemon thyme and yuzu
  • Orange detox: Carrot and turmeric
  • Gyokuro: Macha, Gyokuro, and Genmaicha green tea
  • Pepperine: Fresh mango and passion fruit compote, almond and Kampot pepper
  • Rose: A donut stuffed with raspberry, rose, pink berry
  • Vegan donut: Baked with banana, coconut, maple syrup, oats, flaxseed and vanilla
  • Rêve d’enfant: A fluffy and fresh donut topped with finger licking chocolate and hazelnuts!

All of the recipes were special and we will miss these weekend treats! Hopefully they will open a dedicated donut shop in the near future so we can enjoy all over again!

In the meantime we wish them luck in the reopening and will certainly visit for their delicious dinner options. Check out the post on Pilgrim here.

Pilgrim 8 Rue Nicolas Charlet, 75015 Paris