Champagne Pierre Moncuit

Pierre Moncuit Champagne

Over a decade ago, we discovered a new champagne at Enrico Bernardo’s, Il Vino restaurant in Paris. The restaurant had a novelty concept, which was not to give you any indication about what you are drinking! You simply order your food and they decide the wine that goes with each course!

So, with this approach the evening commenced and the apéro was a mystery champagne! To pique our interest further they served it in a black champagne glass.

The concept was excellent and sparked conversation around the table! As a group we had no idea on the price, the producer, the terroir, in fact we only knew the region it came from! We did however agree that it created a small frustration, not knowing what you were sampling! And so, I put a lot of effort into convincing the the sommelier to tell me the name of the champagne. Eventually I won and that is how I discovered this vigneron indépendants, Pierre Moncuit!

The champagne is made purely from blanc de blancs, and Pierre Moncuit only uses grapes from Chardonnay which convey the magic of the Côte de Blancs terroir. The finesse, delicacy and freshness of their cuvée is truly unique!

I truly believe for the quality of their product the price is incredible! It is possibly the best value champagne available! Prices start as low as 20 euro for the Cuvée Hugues de Coulmet Brut and just above 40 euro for the incredible 2004 Millésimé Grand Cru.

You can order directly from the producer by emailing or by phone: 03 26 57 52 65.

Monthly deliveries to Paris are available, free of charge, for pick up at Avenue Dutuit – 75008.

We cannot recommend this independent producer and their products enough!

Champagne Pierre Moncuit
11 Rue Persault Maheu,
51190 Le Mesnil-sur-Oger