Mexican Wine in France

Mexico is not only Tequila and Mezcal it is also the oldest wine country on the American continent. Most Mexican wine come for Valle Guadalupe in the Baja California region.

While the list of white wines is short, there is a good selection of red.

Mexican wines are not always easy to find in France but here are a few of the best options we have sourced that are easy to order online:


A good and affordable introduction to Mexican wine is this Petite Sirah 2019 from on the most recognized Mexican winery LA Cetto.

A case of 2 is available from Vinatis for €7.90 per bottle!

One of the best Mexican wines you can find in France is from Casa de Piedra. Their Cosechas 2011 has the right balance between Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon

Available at Elixirs d’Exception for €50.00 per bottle! A little pricey but worth it!

An interesting wine is the Contraste Intercontinental 2016 which is also from Casa de Piedra. This option is a blend of grapes from the Valle de Guadalupe and imported grapes from France Roussillon Region. A perfect marriage of France and Mexico!

Available at Elixirs d’Exception for €30.00 per bottle.

Salud to these exciting wines!