Rosé the days away

Rosé Selection for 2021

Rosé season is upon us and we for one will cheers to that… once we manage to choose which bottle to go for! It can be tricky to navigate the selection available and so we are here to help with our top 3 picks, of 2021, that are easy to find and won’t break the bank account! We are suggesting an option from 3 different appellations each with distinct characteristics of their own.

First up we selected a Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé Fleuri 2020 by Château Barbelle. This producer is a new find for us but sure to be one we frequent throughout the months ahead! A fresh and fruity mix giving hints of raspberry, peach and strawberry nicely bottled with a modern label proving that real men drink rosé too! A mix of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah it is well paired with salads, grills, carpaccio, sushi, ceviche’s or simply enjoyed as an aperitif!

If you find yourself unprepared with no rosé chilling when the sun next appears then order for just €10.90 with KOL and you will be sipping this ‘’BELLE’’ in no time.

Available also at Les Grappes case of 3 for €10.90 the bottle

Next on our list is a refreshing and interesting Costières de Nîmes by Château De Valcombe. The Pastel Rosé 2020 is as the name suggests – pale in color with floral notes! This elegant rosé, with its blend of Syrah and Viognier grapes, has hidden depths with well balanced citrus notes blending to create a fresh sensation. Not that we need an excuse to open a good bottle of wine but if you need one then simply have it chilling and ready for the next time the sun shines!

Available at La Vignery for just €9.90 a bottle!

Year on year we can’t but pick the iconic Côtes Catalanes which comes from Domaine Lafage and their Miraflors 2020 does not disappoint. This rosé really packs a punch of fresh fruity flavor with hints of wild berries, florals and a slightly citrus tang to finish! The fruity gem inspires a mouthwatering palate and will charm you with its well balanced mix. Its pretty, reusable bottle with glass stopper just adds to the beauty! This best selling rosé pairs well with classic Mediterranean dishes.

Available at Vinatis for €11.20 a bottle or 2 for €19! As if we needed to give a reason to buy at least 2 bottles!

That covers our top 3 affordable rosé options of 2021 to enjoy throughout the months to come!

But we don’t want to leave it there and couldn’t resist mentioning the iconic Clos du Temple 2019 (Languedoc Cabrières)!

This is not for the faint of heart…..or wallet! It is commonly referred to as ‘’the best and most expensive rosé in the world’’ and deserves that reputation as it recently won ‘’Best rosé of the world 2020 at the Global Rosé Masters of Drinks Business’’. They promise a perfect balance with ample, long-lasting flavor of apricot and white peach offering a beautiful freshness.

Maybe not for everyday with the cost being €190 for a standard bottle or €450 for the magnum but worthy of a special occasion this summer!

Whatever your choice for the season we hope you stop and smell the rosé!